By Steve Hoag

website analytics solutions

Having an awesome website is great. But you can’t effectively monitor and track who are visiting it without an analytics package. Website analytics solutions are essential to assessing your online performance over time. There are a lot of options out there, but here are just a few that you should consider:


AWStats comes pre-installed by a lot of web hosts. It can be downloaded for personal use, which is useful if you are setting up your own server. This solution burrows a bit deeper than other options, with unique features like monitoring whether people are hot-linking files from your site.

Google Analytics

The go-to option of many websites is Google Analytics. It’s free, powerful, and has a ton of features to take advantage of. Google Analytics makes seeing who is visiting your site a breeze with a ton of graphs and visuals of traffic. One of the most popular and robust options on the face of the planet, you can’t go wrong with this solution.


Compete is best known for showing the estimated amount of visitors the top websites receive. This package helps provide creative intelligence by showing how your visitors got to your website by tracking clicks before and after viewing your site. Compete has varying prices, but is definitely a tool worth checking out if you are serious about competitive intelligence.

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