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In the movie ‘Blast from the Past,’ Brendan Fraser is a guy who has literally been living under a rock for 35 years. In this case, inside of a nuclear fallout shelter.  He comes out to realize the world has drastically changed, and nothing seems familiar. People think he is backwards, naïve, and generally weird. You don’t want your site to be Brendan Fraser. You need to have it constantly updated and in the thick of things. Here’s why:

Search engines prioritize websites that regularly update content

One of the main criteria that search engines use these days when ranking content is the ‘freshness’ of it. The fresher the content, the higher it will rank. Search engines give credence to sites that regularly update themselves. Your site is more or less dependent on search engine visibility when it comes to sustaining traffic. If you can’t rank well, you will continually struggle.

Gives your visitors a reason to come back

Dude, remember that one song ‘I’m turning Japanese’? That was a sweet song, but what was the name of the band that played it? Huh? The Vapors? Are you serious? What other well-known songs did the play afterwards? Nothing you say? But they had so much promise!

Case in point, you don’t want your site to be a one hit wonder. You may have one great article or piece of content created, but that is not enough to keep people interested. That’s why artists and companies alike are constantly putting out new content to keep people engaged. You need to stay top of mind with consumers, so when they do come to a purchasing decision, they choose you.

Helps you analyze the relationship between changes and performance

A lot of marketing is trial and error. You change variable X and see how it affects lead generation and sales using analytics. Updating content gives your marketing team a lot more insight into what messaging and ideas stick with consumers, and what bounces off.  More insight means better equipped marketers, and a higher likelihood of closing a sale.

Keep fulfilling the wants and needs of customers

This point ties in to the previous one, in that what consumers want today may not be what they want tomorrow. A lot of famous companies have missed the boat when it comes to this, the most recent one being Blockbuster, and its inability to adapt. You want to be Netflix, not Blockbuster. By updating content and keeping your ears pinned to what your customers are talking about, you will have a one-two punch that other companies sorely lack.

Stay ahead, or get ahead of the competition

You may already be top dog in your rankings for keywords/traffic, or you may be trying to overtake said canine. Regardless of your current position, you need to update your website. Website design/development standards and search ranking algorithms change. Companies that are always aware of these changing trends will rise to the top. Be one of those companies.

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