By Sherry Kinavey

Outsourcing web development

Outsourcing web development or web management is great - as long as you’ve taken the time to understand the vendor. There are some horror stories out there, and a lot of those experiences begin with not enough research beforehand. As with any important business decision, doing your homework is critical to success. With the right company, outsourcing has the potential of being enormously profitable. Here’s how:

Outsourcing can be cheaper.

The average salary of a web developer in the U.S. is about $64k. The average salary in India is $9.2K, and even lower at $4.2K in the Philippines.  Partnering with domestic developers can really slim down your profit margins.

Why pay someone hundreds more per project when a developer from another country with comparable skills can save you some serious money? Even doing the work yourself can take a lot of time. And, everyone knows that time is money.

Let the professionals handle the development issues while you get valuable advice.

Web development can be bothersome for designers. Outsourced web development removes all these headaches. I’m not saying you don’t know your way around coding, but why not focus on what you love rather than what you potentially dislike? By using an expert, technical issues can be resolved quickly. And, your development team is usually willing to provide valuable project advice.

Outsourcing can also let you take on more projects.  We all know that more projects means more money.

You'll have access to a larger talent pool.

By not restricting yourself to talent that you can find locally, you open yourself up to more business. Believe it or not, some of the most technically proficient people live abroad and because the cost and standard of living in those areas are different than here, many are able to work for less.

Outsourcing also gives you access to expertise.

What do you do when you have a strict time constraints and there isn’t enough time to do all the work yourself? Well, outsource of course. 

Why?  Outsourcing can give you immediate access to industry best practices in very short order.

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