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Social media is becoming one of the most important factors in online marketing today. Virtually every company needs some sort of social media presence to connect with its customers. A lot of tools available these days are either free or ‘freemium.’ By that I mean you can acquire a basic version with only some of the features, and then if you want more you need to buy their product. So let’s take a look at all these tools!


HootSuite is one of the premier business tools available. It seamlessly aggregates all of your social networks into one program, allowing you to cycle through different feeds without having to keep 100 tabs open on Chrome. Also, it allows you to create a variety of reports, but you will need to pay a subscription fee to gain access to the more advanced versions. HootSuite has some powerful search options, allowing you to create advanced searches on Twitter to pinpoint your target audience.


TweetDeck is very similar to HootSuite in that it aggregates your different social networks. It is completely free, and a bit more novice friendly as well. TweetDeck was originally its own company, but has since been bought out by Twitter. If you have 1-3 feeds you want to keep track of then this is a perfectly good option. However, more custom search columns/accounts will make the UI a bit cumbersome.


Tweepi is an excellent freemium product. One of the biggest headaches on Twitter is finding accounts that are relevant to your business, unfollowing people who are inactive or haven’t followed you back, and following people who follow you. All of these tasks can be handled automatically with Tweepi! You will have to pay some money to get access to the more advanced features, but it is still a worthwhile product to check out!


Bit.Ly is a great site to use if you are constantly sharing content, or trying to increase your website traffic. You input the desired URL and it will automatically be shortened. From that point on you can copy/paste the new URL and all clickthrough statistics will be tracked. These include things like clicks per day/time/location/network etc. Overall an excellent tool for the modern marketer!

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is supremely underrated. You can find all sorts of gems by using it. Essentially, you set up a variety of keywords that you want Google to automatically search for. Every day it comes up with a list of links that it deems relevant, and emails you. These can vary from great articles, to press releases, to even job postings!

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