By Steve Hoag

great website analytics solutions

Finding and implementing a great website analytics package is a must-have for any business that takes its website seriously. The go-to option is usually Google Analytics, but there are some other awesome (and sometimes free solutions) online. For instance:

Crazy Egg ($9-$99/month)

Crazy Egg’s main selling point is that it lets you build heat maps and track exactly where users are clicking. This is great for assessing your website’s usability. Being able to see which parts of your website are the most interesting is great for identifying areas to focus your efforts on. It can also help to improve website design and conversions.

Google Content Experiments (Free)

Google just loves giving away free tools. This is another great solution to implement if you want to test how changes in layout will affect clicks and sales. Formerly known as Google Website Optimizer, it has since been integrated with Google Analytics. It is one of the only A/B and Multivariate testing solutions on the market right now. GCE is great for small business owners who want to test out different ideas, and has a simple user interface. Set up can be a bit tedious, but the fact that it’s free and offers a ton of benefits makes it absolutely worth it.


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